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Our Mission

CogWellin LLC is a pharmaceutical development and testing company dedicated to preventing, slowing and reversing Alzheimer's disease and related Tau associated neurological disorders. CogWellin™ is a trademarked name of a long-acting, once-daily formulation of a drug called salsalate. CogWellin LLC aims to show that in clinical trials, its naturally derived product CogWellin™ is safe and efficacious for those at risk for Alzheimer's disease, as well as those with symptoms of Alzheimer's.

The annual sales for CogWellin™, if FDA-approved, is estimated to be $10 billion per year.

CogWellin™ targets the right patients at the right time.

Our History

It was July 1, 1981 when CogWellin LLC's founder, Dr. Joel Ross, a first year intern at Nassau County Medical Center, East Meadow, New York, encountered his first patient with terminal dementia. At that time the term Alzheimer's disease was used very rarely to describe older patients suffering from dementia. Terms such as senility and organic brain syndrome were used to describe what now is the most common cause of progressive memory loss with a 100% fatal outcome.

Dr. Ross could not understand why so little was being done to understand the cause of dementia and why there was no treatment available that could slow progression, stop the inevitable decline, or even prevent this most-feared disease of humanity.

Dr. Ross entered one of the most prestigious geriatric fellowships in the US in 1984. Under the tutelage of the world renown Pulitzer Prize winning author and geriatrician, Dr. Robert N Butler, MD he was entrenched in the care of the cognitively impaired older adults he was given the honor to help.

During that two year period he had the privilege of working with one of the most well-known and respected Alzheimer's disease research neuroscientist, Dr. Peter Davies.

Dr. Ross opened a geriatric practice in 1986. He has cared for over 10,000 Alzheimer's and related neurodegenerative dementia patients. The subsequent 30 years have witnessed Dr. Ross's attempt to find out the root cause of Alzheimer's disease. Dr. Ross has conducted over 120 clinical studies of pharmaceutical compounds from nearly all the small and major pharmaceutical companies. Only 5 drugs have been FDA approved for Alzheimer's disease. Dr. Ross, along with other principal investigators, provided the pharmaceutical industry and the FDA with pristine data leading to approval. Sadly, none of these drugs help more than a small percentage of Alzheimer's disease patients and even in this small percentage, the benefits are very mild and only last 6-12 months. The time is now for a safe, effective approach to treatment and prevention of Alzheimer's disease. Enter CogWellin™.

Our experiences with Dr. Joel Ross of the Memory Enhancement Center have been nothing but excellent. Every single time. From the very beginning, and continuing over at least a two year period, Dr. Ross displayed a keen interest in my husband's condition, and offered him support, courage and expertise to help him fight the battle. His knowledge, forbearance and keen ability to communicate effectively offered us both an opportunity to learn deeply about my husband's condition and its challenges, but without depressing or demoralizing either of us. Quite an accomplishment!

Throughout our fight against this disease, we found physicians who were either not terribly interested, not all that well informed or just uninspiring representatives for their field of medicine. None of them went the extra mile for us. Dr. Ross was none of these - he was the opposite in all circumstances. Further, I very much admired how he was able to ascertain who my husband is, or was; the way he addressed that almost-missing person was astonishing, and earned my husband's trust and attention right away. Above all this, Dr. Ross's cheerful demeanor was a tonic and we found it unmatched.

Dr. Ross's passion throughout virtually all of his career is to seek and discover the cause of Alzheimer's Disease. Because of this goal, he has researched the illness while treating, observing and testing AD patients over many years, and with his ground-breaking CogWellin project, which has shown such promise - and for good reason - if it were well funded, it just might put Alzheimer's in the history books. Families like ours can only hope and pray for his continued success.

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