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Overview of CogWellin™

Salicylic acid has been used for over 2,000 years to help mankind battle illnesses. CogWellin™ has taken salicylic acid into the 21st century by formulating it into a once-daily, long-acting capsule.

CogWellin™ targets the right patients at the right time.

A Look at the Past

Over the past 10 years big and small pharmaceutical companies have been focusing on the protein normally made by healthy individuals called amyloid. In the rare individuals with a congenital Alzheimer's disease gene, they appear to overproduce amyloid at early ages and all develop terminal dementia from Alzheimer's disease.

This has lead to billions of dollars from pharmaceutical industry to test various chemicals to remove amyloid from the brains of Alzheimer's disease subjects.

100% of such studies have failed to help patients. Nonetheless studies are continuing to be done throughout the world testing such agents hoping that if they are given in earlier stages and even to those who have amyloid in their brains but with no symptoms it can result in meaningful benefits. Dr. Ross and his team of advisors believe the use of long-acting salsalate either in combination with amyloid approaches or as a stand-alone treatment will lead to meaningful results toward the treatment and prevention of Alzheimer's disease.

Introducing Ac-Tau

Enter the poisonous protein known as Ac-Tau (short for acetylated Tau). Tau is an acronym for Tubulin Associated Unit. Tau is a normal protein produced in the brain cells just as amyloid is produced in brain cells.

In all patients with Alzheimer's disease, at autopsy in published studies, there is presence of a very peculiar and highly toxic form of Tau, called Ac-Tau. Ac-Tau is very rarely or never found in non-demented older adults upon autopsy studies.

A study published by Min and Gan from the Gladstone Institute in San Francisco (Septemper 21, 2015) showed that the drug called salsalate given to Ac-Tau mice reversed the damage, restored cognitive function, reversed brain shrinkage, and reduced Ac-Tau levels. This report was the "eureka" moment that gave Dr. Ross the idea to formulate and patent a once-daily, long-acting version of salsalate.

poisonous tau

No poisonous Ac-Tau = healthy neurons = healthy brain

Action Taken

alzheimers action taken tau

Dr. Ross, as well as many other internal medicine/family practice physicians/geriatric physicians in the US had been prescribers of the immediate release salsalate for their patients with rheumatological issues and chronic pain. Unfortunately, due to side effects such as hearing loss and tinnitus (noises in the ear), it is rarely prescribed today. Additionally, the immediate release Salsalte requires 2-3 times dosing per day.

Dr. Ross, upon reading of the poisonous nature of Ac-Tau and its ability to be removed by salsalate, decided to work tirelessly to patent a slow release, safe version of salsalate.

Dr. Todd Cohen, formerly of the University of Pennsylvania, had suggested in a compelling presentation, the need to test for Ac-Tau in living Alzheimer's disease patients using cerebrospinal fluid.

Such a study is being done at Dr. Ross's Memory Enhancement Center in collaboration with William Klein's Laboratory at Northwestern University, Chicago, Illinois. CogWellin™ and Northwestern expects to have results of Ac-Tau in CSF of Alzheimer's patients, as well as in age matched control, in September 2016.

If found only in Alzheimer's disease patents, and not in age matched controls, it will revolutionize the field of Alzheimer's disease by becoming possibly the most accurate diagnostic marker of Alzheimer's disease. It will also be used as a biological target to measure before and after treatment with long acting salsalate (CogWellin™). There are, however, other neurologic diseases that are characterized by presence of Ac-Tau and these too will be addressed by the CogWellin™ projects in the near future.

On December 15, 2015 a provisional patent was issued for once-daily, slow release salsalate. CogWellin™ (long-acting, once-daily Salsalte) is wholly owned by CogWellin LLC.