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Comments of Support

Dr. Ross and the CogWellin team possess the necessary knowledge, scientific acumen, and network of experts to confirm the AcTau as the causative agent and develop therapeutics that could lead to treatments.

- Dr. Quentin Florence, Lead Scientist and Business Development Coordinator rPeptide, LLC.

With increased knowledge base around acetylated Tau and with meaningful improvement of an effective and safe therapeutic around salsalate, (Dr. Ross) seems to have a reasonable and comparatively quick means to determine the efficacy in patients with CogWellin administration.

- Judith Kelleher Anderson, PhD, President and CEO, Neuornascent Inc.

As the grandson of Alzheimer's patients on both sides of my family and as the son of elderly parents whose memories are failing, I am delighted to have become acquainted with Dr. Ross and to have had the opportunity to collaborate with him in developing what may be the first truly effective approach in addressing the ravages of the disease.

- Bruce N. Rehlaender, Ph.D., Principal, PharmaDirections

Working with CogWellin to assess the efficacy of its modified salsalate and our current and future highly potent SA derivatives provides an excellent opportunity to significantly impact the treatment and perhaps prevention of this and other neurodegenerative diseases including Parkinson's and other dementia.

- Daniel Klessig, Professor, Cornell University, former President and CEO, Boyce Thompson Institute

It has been a great pleasure working with Dr. Ross in large part because of his enthusiasm and dedication to treating and/or preventing this terrible disease. First and foremost he is a care-provider who has dedicated many years of his life to caring for patients and their families who are struggling with the impacts Alzheimer's Disease and other dementias have not only on the patients' memories, but on their personalities and on the quality of life for them and the people around them. We hope that you will share, as we do, Dr. Ross' enthusiasm for developing this therapy.

- Bruce N. Rehlaender, Ph.D., Principal, PharmaDirections

It is my calling. No one else's. I will put an end to it as soon as the funding is in place.

- Dr. Joel Ross